what is Amazon & how to use it for Affiliate marketing

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What is Amazon ?

Amazon is a multinational technology firm based in the United States that specialises in e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. Amazon is the biggest market place in the world . Where we can sale or purchase any product online .

What are the types of Amazon account ?

There are three 3 types of Amazon account
1 . Seller account
2 . Buyer account
3 . Affiliate account

What is seller account on Amazon ?

An Amazon seller account is required to sell in the Amazon store. You’ll have access to Seller Central as part of your business account once you register as an Amazon seller and select a selling plan.

– What is buyer account on Amazon
digital marketing modules An amazon buyer account is required to buy goods from the Amazon store . we have to create an account on amazon .

– What is Affiliate account ?
Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing programme that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when users click over to Amazon and purchase things. It is entirely free to join and use

Benefits of Amazon

Amazon Prime Shipping Benefits.
Prime Video.
Prime Music.
Prime Deals and offers.
Credit card rewards.
Prime Gaming.
Prime Reading.
Amazon Family.

What is Amazon’s primary role ? 
Amazon is guided by four principles: client obsession rather than competitor concentration, a love of invention, a dedication to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Amazon aspires to be the most customer-Centric company on the planet, the best employer on the planet, and the safest place to work on the planet. Digital Training India

How to become a top seller on Amazon ?

1. Register as a dependable seller.
2. specific return and refund policy
3. Compare your product’s market price to that of other sellers.
4. use actual and appealing product photos
5. use product bullet points
6. be an active Amazon seller

What is product listing on amazon ?

We have to update product details like product title , description , price ,images and many more things about the products is called listing on Amazon .