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SEO course in Delhi

What is SEO –  SEO stands for Search Engine optimization one of the main key areas in Digital Marketing, and it can give you organic traffic From Search Engine like Google in The process of SEO We need to optimize our website according to Google Algorithm and use multiple changes in our website to make them SEO friendly to get the attention of Visitors.

There are three major techniques in SEO.

White Hat SEO – The Way of SEO techniques is completely white and Pure SEO Need to avoid duplicate content in this SEO Method just use it everywhere original content. White hat SEO takes time to show results but it can give you good quality link juice from search engines because google always prefers these techniques of SEO. process of white hat SEO always completed by pure SEO techniques.

Grey Hat SEO – The way of SEO techniques we need to optimize our website according to the algorithm but we can do some modification in that and use modified content on multiple Platforms.Most of the companies following grey Hat SEO to get the result from Google.

Black Hat SEO – The way of SEO Techniques we never Follow the Google algorithm and use the same content on every platform. Black Hat SEO leading reason for your website suspension in Google you may lose your website entirely through following black hat SEO techniques google never follows these techniques for rankings.

Seo course in delhi

SEO Training Course in Delhi

SEO – Search Engine Optimization one the best way to get online business in an organic way because SEO can help you reach organic visitors for your website and can improve your online presence for online lead generations this is one of the best and cheapest way to get online traffic on your website and with genuine brand awareness and further for lead generation for any business.

The SEO training course is no easy task for everyone this can only for that person who is really interested to become a part of search engine and want to do work in the IT industry many institutes providing SEO Training in Delhi but we are spending your extra efforts and time for our students until there success they can ask to our institute any time for their help we always avail for that to help them an inconvenient way for helping to get jobs for their future.

SEO Courses in Delhi 

SEO courses Nowadays very popular choice among the students and among the people those re want to do a short term course just after 12th you can start a better job after this course with a handsome salary package because SEO course in Delhi can give you many opportunities to do work as an SEO employee anywhere with no bar of salary and after spending some times in same industry you can go with better salary packages.

SEO courses in Yamuna Vihar Delhi

Digital Training India one of the best platform to do SEO courses and the best training hub in East Delhi we provide the best training in industry SEO courses in northeast Yamuna vihar Delhi best choice and career option for this territory students and we are filling your requirements from training to job and raising our hand for your better future. SEO is very important in digital marketing if you want to improve your website’s online presence on google you can not ignore search engine optimization to get organic traffic from search engines like google, yahoo, and bing.

Topic Covered in SEO Course 

What is SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization  is the process to get organic traffic from a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing

Introduction to SERP – Search Engine Resulting Pages Read all website pages content and Show the best result on top according to content and user query.

What are search engines? – Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Yandex all are very important for every Digital marketer as well for users who can search their queries on Search Engines.

How do search engines work? – When a Person types their query in Search Engine then Google finds the most relevant result for you according to the user query and your web pages content relevancy.

Major functions of a search engine – Cache, Crawling, Indexing, and Algorithm all are major functions of a Search Engine.

What is the traffic? -When a person searches a query in Google and they found your website as a result then click on that and visit your website as the same many users’ visits to your website from different resources that are called traffic for a website.

Different types of traffic – There are multiple types of traffic from different resources such as Referral traffic means coming from all social media platforms, Direct Traffic those directly type your website name in google to visit your website, organic traffic this is the most genuine traffic from search engines those are looking products and services to fulfill their requirements, Paid traffic coming from paid advertisements.

What are the keywords? – When a person types a query with a group of some specific words called keywords. Many Different keywords can give a high range of traffic from search to your website.

Different types of keywords – I Talked about keywords there are multiple types of keywords such as Business keywords, Informative Keywords, Lont Tail Keywords, and Short Tail Keywords.

Google keyword planner Tool – A Tool by google to find high search volume keywords Monthly search volume, Competition a well this is a very important tool in Digital Marketing.

Keywords Research Process – When we search a keyword for our website pages we must focus on high search volume as well as low competition for the same.

Meta Tags Creation – Meta Creation is an important part of SEO in that we create Meta titles and Descriptions for our website pages and sent it to google to get information about our website pages in a short view.

Alt Tag –  Every website has a set of multiple images and we want to get all images crawlers by google in order to get indexed we must provide the name of each image of our website.

Internal Linking – when a person visits a website page and then Clicks to another Page through hyperlinking that is called Internal Linking this is also called navigation from a website.

Website Design & Structure – Search Engine Optimization Can improve your website design & structure can make it user-friendly. Main website speed, size, and many more in it.

URL Optimization – When we create a website page and the URL of that page must be keyword-oriented and user-friendly further google can read it easily.

Website analyze – Analyze the website on regular Routine such a great habit in Digital marketing we always must know about our websites means what we are doing with that.

Content Optimization – Duplicate content can damage your website and too many keywords in content can be a reason for penalized your website we must focus on keywords density, keyword proximity, and keyword prominence to optimized our keywords.

Domain Research – When we Talked about a website first thing that comes to our mind is their name and each & every website has a unique name called is a domain name which is always must be a user-friendly domain at any cost.

OFF Page Optimization – OFF Page Optimization is another important part of SEO in that we submit reference Content of our in other SEO friendly websites to get quality backlinks.

Link Building Process -Link building is a process to generates backlinks from multiple websites such as classifieds, Blogs, Articles, Press Release Submissions.

Black Hat Techniques – Black Hat SEO techniques Can Suspend your website forever in this process we used Single Content on Multiple Platforms. We must avoid these SEO techniques for a website.

White Hat Techniques – White Hat Seo is pure Seo techniques google recommended this type of SEO in that we consider single content on a single website to get rank in Search Engine.

Grey Hat Techniques – Grey Hat is a mix Seo Format you copy content to use on another website after modification most of the companies follow grey hat SEO. basically, grey hat SEO does prefer by every digital marketer.

Local SEO – Local SEO target local customers from the local area through google my business you can register your business to google to reach customer online even you can get calls from customers.

SEO Reporting – SEO reporting can teach you to measure your entire work in SEO basically you need to collect all your backlinks through SEO Reporting.

Competitor Analyses –  When we start the SEO audit we analyze some competitors in our report even we get so much information about competitors to analyze to start our work in positive directions.

DA, PA,  AlexaRanking – Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Global Raking which can improve the overall quality of Website in Search Engine.