Learn Digital Marketing Course Modules

Digital marketing expert’s need is increasing day by day. Every sector requires a digital marketing expert so that they can expand their business or make their services viral.

Do you really want to be a digital marketer? If yes then in which field. See there are many Digital Marketing Modules are in this field. But we will discuss Types of digital marketing because this expertise will not only help you get the job but it will make side income for you and it can make you a marketing expert. It is a vast topic that can grow an industry or it also can destroy them as well.

It has many types of marketing like social media, email, content marketing etc and in every sector. all types of marketing experts are required. So let’s know how many types are there in digital marketing.

Let’s start the list of marketing types which will make you an expert in one of the digital marketing field but before we get started let’s know the importance of digital marketing.

Digital marketing gives growth to your business those days are gone when holdings, newspaper and TV ads were used for promotion. Digital marketing is a new way to promote your brand. In this computerized world, everything going too advanced now its time for computerized advertising.

Now you don’t have to publish your article in the paper, magazines. Everyone loves to read online.

Everyone hangs out online via web-based networking media ( Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter). Effectively discover a group of people and associate with them. Web-based life best stage for the promoting share your post, improve holding with your crowd, join different gatherings, routinely deal with your page with post and make a connection between your audiences through messages.


Social media marketing training stands for marketing and promotion of a product through social media. We can create some kind of paid ads on social media to get a high reach of visitors. Face book is very popular for paid ads and boosts post one of the ad types of Face book. In that, we can get a large amount of audience in small invest.

Social media is not just about watching funny videos on you-tube or posting pictures on Facebook. So what is another use of social media?? Well, you can use social media for making money online or you can learn new skills for free, etc.

How can social media help us to get rich??..well this question is very good and its the answer that should be best or beneficial for you.

You can earn through social media in many ways like you can run ads for others on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube, etc. Another way that you can promote your business online.

EMAIL MARKETING- Email marketing is the best marketing way for sharing our product details with the customers because by email marketing we can send thousands of emails at the same time and can create engagement of visitors in a few minutes.Some famous tool for email marketing:

  • Mail-chimp
  • Tool kit
  • Benchmark
  • Weber

Let’s talk about mail-chimp, it is a free platform that allows you to sent 12000 emails in a month for free. Mail-chimp in an online tool which sent a lot of emails, invitations, and reminders to all our clients. It sends emails in the form of campaigns.

The best results from email marketing will always be achieved with a list of subscribers you personally earned and nurtured. Subscribers are those who give their email with their own will. Then your email list can easily turn into your best digital marketing asset and an email campaign can drive sales.


Content marketing has a great scope for those who love writing. You can be a great blogger if you know content marketing. So what is content marking? In simple words sharing your content online on different platforms can make your content viral or get more and more visitors on your blog. You can share your content on your social media handles.


If you get mastery to understand Google’s algorithms, you can rank your articles on top and thereafter you can get sponsors and you can also earn through Google Ad-sense.

Now, what is Google ad sense??…. When your website start ranking on top then you can display ads on your articles which will be shown by Google and you will get pay by Google for that, this is how Google Ad-sense works.

If you get mastery to understand Google’s algorithms, you can rank your articles on top and thereafter you can get sponsors and you can also earn through Google Ad-sense.

Now, what is Google Ad-sense??…. When your website starts ranking on top then you can display ads on your articles which will be shown by Google and you will get pay by Google for that, this is how Google Ad-sense works.


The practice of marketing business using paid advertisements and Tools that appear on Google and other many search engines results from pages of SERPs. Bid for Single keyword is highly concern for every Advertiser. Google ask payment for Each Single Click Does not matter will get business from that or Not we must pay for the user interest on our website those are coming to form Google after clicking ads where advertisers have the opportunity to keep their ads on top related to query searched by users on the search engine.

Search engine marketing, (SEM), is one of the most effective and result-oriented ways to grow your business online and increase online brand awareness. In the competitive world with millions of businesses Maker, those are spreading their huge presence on the internet how you can leave behind with them out of there, all are having the same eyeballs that raise a hand towards online advertisement to promote their products and services.

Search Engine Marketing Course is a precious part of marketing, in short, I must say it can be the most beneficial marketing strategy for each business seeker we cannot avoid Search Engine marketing at all.

Conclusion of Search Engine Marketing is the way of marketing can give you genuine result from the customers those are looking your products and services you can make a large scale of the audience in SEM because you can generate a wide area of the online audience in small investment.


Have you ever tried online shopping?? if yes then you will get this concept very easily and if no then it’s okay. You will also get to know how does affiliate marketing works. Well, this concept is very easy that everyone can be an affiliate marketer or make $100 per day or more than that.

what is affiliate marketing?? How does it work??

Affiliate marketing is a concept by which you can EARN FROM YOUR HOME by just share them with your friends and family. All you need to do is to make an affiliate account on online selling websites let’s say Amazon. After creating an account you will get a separate like of every product which will list on Amazon and when some will buy the product through your link, you will get paid for it.

Now the question is to share your affiliate links so the buyer purchase through it?? well there are two ways to share your link.

  • Direct method
  • Indirect method

Direct method:

If you have a good contact list so you can directly ask them to purchase through your link. You can send SMS, Share link by phone calls, Email (person to person) and you can also WhatsApp the link.

Indirect method

In the indirect method, you can share the link through your website articles and by learning content writing you will be able to rank your article to get more visitors. You can also share these links on social media and con increase the reach by learning social media marketing.

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