Our Certifications

                                       Digital Training India Certification

certificates 1 : From Mass Marketing To Customer Network

certificates  2 : The Digital Advertising Mix: Key Channels And Principles

certificates 3 :  Five Core Behaviors Of Customers In The Digital World

certificates 4 :  Access Strategy

certificates 5 :  Engage Strategy: Content Marketing, Utility, Messaging, and Brands as Publishers

certificates  6 : Customize Strategy: Targeting, Personalization and Marketing to a Segment of One

certificates 7 : Connect Strategy: Social Media, Communities and the Power of Conversation

certificates 8 : Collaborate Strategy: Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, and Open Platforms

certificate 9 : Lessons From Brand Failures

certificates 10 : Best Practices for Brands on Social Networks

certificates 11 : Making Digital Matter: Metrics, ROI and Agile Modelling

certificates 12 : Five-Step Process of Planning and Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy

certificates 13 : Organizational Challenges of Digital Marketing

certificates 14 : Six Faces of the (Near) Future of Digital Marketing

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